3 days in Blessed Prefecture Fuzhou, China

It is rare to be able to find information about Fuzhou in Google, only if you know how to read Chinese. Here I would like to share with you all the beauty of China. There are 26 states in China, and I only manage to discover Fujian (Fuzhou and Xiamen), Chong Qing and Si Chuan (Chengdu) for the past 2 years. More to discover.


I am lucky to met awesome China friends in my life. I use to believe our great grandfather and grandmother born in China and we should go and take a look what kind of environment, people and food they grew up in and be raised so well.

Wa Shi Fu Jiu Niang (I am from Fuzhou.)

Fuzhou is the capital of Fujian. Jasmine and Banyan tree are the signature representing the state. It’s a very green city that I have come across so far. You hardly see motorcycles, most of them are using electric bike. The clean air is known as top 3 in China. There is no typhoon as it is surrounded by the mountains.

Checklist that you can copy and paste before going:

  1. Flight Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Fuzhou (FOC), China: Xiamen Airline RM1178
  2. Visa: JKC Travel & Tours RM150
  3. Prepaid Simcard (acquired online, if you get it in the city you will need to commit at least 2 months)
  4. Budget: RM200/day (WeChat Pay and Alipay are widely accepted)
  5. Adapter
  6. Transportation: Train (there are 2 lines) and Cab (WeChat Pay and Alipay are widely accepted)

Where to go:

Sanfang Qixiang (Three Quarters Seven Alleys)

This UNESCO heritage site become a highlight among skyscraper, in the olden days they set a rules that no one are suppose to build houses more than a floor. Remember to checkout the architecture of Starbucks and MCDonald.

Standing in one of the shopping mall to give you a better picture of how it looks like.

You should get off DONG JIE KOU STATION. Walking from there you will be able to reach SAN FANG QI XIANG.

You can get all the souvenir from this place, specially the oil umbrella. Personally I like to get into the bookstore, write and send out postcards to my friends and myself.

Come to Fuzhou you must try out the Yong He Fishballs (永和鱼丸). What makes it different from any other fishball because inside of every fishball contains meat. It is like eating a box of chocolate. You will never know what you will get. Able to eat a bowl of hot fishball soup (add some pepper) is a bonus when you are walking in the cold weather. If you are not sure what to order, go for Wu Fu Lin Men (五福临门). It contains all kind of fish.

West Lake Park  

They call it the Lungs of Fuzhou. Walking distance from Sanfang Qixiang, you can drop by this place after finish walking, eating and shopping in Sanfang Qixiang. A lot of locals come over and have a walk in there. You will be able to spot quite a few flora and fauna blooming at the max.

The local trying to use water to write a beautiful calligraphy and the others playing Chinese Chess.

BING SHAN STATION will lead you to two different place, one is WEST LAKE GARDEN. Another one would be ZHENHAI TOWER (for this you will need to walk quite a distance, it looks near in the picture).

Zhenhai Tower

This is like mini Taj Mahal in Fuzhou. The architecture is so unique and beautiful. They said it was built to curb all the natural disaster. Ever since then, there is no more typhoon happening in Fuzhou.

Using my selfie stick skill to take a beautiful solo picture.

If you are someone like me that will put you into a smile by saving a penny from taking cab. You will need to walk quite a distance from the train station, it is definitely walk-able distance if you are fit. Picture above shows that I survive the walk. You will easily spend 1-2 hours here.

All your need to do is passing through the garden, and walk all the way uphill. Mini hiking at proper trail and stairs.

Cat’s Cafe 

Good news for cat lover (me), there are numbers of cat cafe available. I do like how they operate. They won’t sell overselling the cat food for profit purpose. All the cats look properly maintain and take care of, one of my favorite would be this cat.  I can look at them for hours and hours. Spend my time here when the rain hits.

This is the same cat with fringe in the second picture. If cat can be a kind of souvinier, I swear I would collect it all from different countries that I went.


Walking into the kindergarten, I am totally impressed by what they learnt and the assignment given by the teachers. They get to plant many different kind of plants and they label it. Kids know about their own dialect (I hardly pick up any as a Fuzhou). Discipline and responsibility are instill at this age, taking care of tortoise and goldfish.

As I mention in the beginning that Fujian is the greenest city that I come across so far. Rubbish management is crucial education from kindergarten too. I can witness this in the residence as well. If you did not classified your rubbish, authorities have the right not to collect your rubbish.

Oh man, I just feel like I should go back to study again. The only animal that I was exposed to when I was young in school-grasshopper. The only plant would be bean sprouts.

What to eat:

Buddha Jumps Over The Wall

Must try and be ready to fork out RMB389 for a bowl of it in Antailou Restaurant. In this place you will be able to find a variety of local food. It contains all the precious food such as scallops, sea cucumber, abalone, fish maw, pork tendon, ginseng, mushrooms, quail eggs and etc. It does acquire taste.

Besides, must try Ding Bian Hu (top right), consisting of a rice flour batter poured around the side of cooking wok to form a thin noodle, then scraped into a stock to simmer and served in broth.

Hey Tea 

This is so popular in Fuzhou. They even have the alcohol one which is pretty cool. You need to queue up to half day to get this drink which is like you queue for HaiDiLao steamboat. The long queue that you can recall. The local order it online and come pick it up after.

One thing I love about Fuzhou, they make food and drinks available for the people by ordering online and they will send it to your home right away. You don’t have to carry it with you or even stay at home to wait for it.

Pepper Pork Belly Chicken Steamboat 

There are so many more food to eat. I wonder why my friends still look so slim compared to me. If I stay here more than 1 month, I can imagine how much side way I can grow. Come to China, we can’t go without steamboat and here we go for Pepper Pork Belly Chicken which is good for your stomach.

Spicy Boiled Fish 

How can you leave China without going spicy? Can we go back to adrenaline.

Tai Er Suan Cai Yu 

The one best thing I ever ate in Fuzhou would be this dish. Hot and sour fish with pickled mustard greens in Dongerhuan Thaihot Plaza.

Chicken tastes amazing as well. If you can eat spicy, this would be a training ground for you.

P/S: if next time you plan to settle down in China and can’t think of what name to give your children you can explore a little in the train station

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