Dear Future Husband

I will sometime think to myself, I wish my future husband knows:

  1. I missed catching return flight Pattaya, Thailand and had to rebook travel from Pattaya- Bangkok to catch the last flight back Malaysia. I need to get my parents to Phuket from Malaysia right next morning. I sleep very well in the flight from Malaysia to Phuket. As if it is next door, the adrenaline rush of catching the last flight is what keep me alive.
  2. I had a bad hangover in Bangkok, Thailand and need to catch a flight next day afternoon. To my surprise I ordered an UberMotor to airport instead of a UberX car. Unbelievable journey to airport, which I need to hold on tight with my backpack and don’t dare to doze off because I worried I got toppled off the motor.
  3. First time solo travel to Yogyakarta, Indonesia myself for good.The flight got delayed for 4 hours because Yogyakarta closed their airport due to huge oil spill accident. Luckily they reopen later. Reaching new place starving and there is no menu for the roadside food stall. So I waited someone made the order and I tell the owner I want the same order.
  4. Me and my friend went to Seoul, Korea during the MERS outbreak. We had three seats empty (most of the people cancel the flight) to sleep in the flight like a first class. Nothing is too serious there, just avoid the hospital. It’s this trip to Seoul to Ultra Korea, there I have met a strong bond rave family who I love and lean on.
  5. I had a bad food poisoning and got hospitalized after eating fried rice in Gili Trawangan, Indonesia. After all, it is not too bad. I had good time in there. Jiggy boat party, jumping off single stories high boat into the sea. First time learn about beer pong is a pretty cool game.
  6. Trespassing Hiaku Stairs aka Stairways to the Heaven in Honolulu, Hawaii. Well, we did not complete the trail as there is a policeman car parked right in front of the trail head. We made it through the forest early in 2am. Ended up with another hill watching sunrise. Memorable palm sweating experience.
  7. 4AM, I was denied to board my flight due to my Yangon, Myanmar visa passport number does not match my original one. Split thought of do something or go home to sleep. Moment of truth I get it Photoshop, printed at premium lounge and heading to another attendance for document check. I got pass through. Lesson 1# check your passport number after you applied. Lesson 2# learn extra skills such as photoshop, you never know when it come into use in the critical moment.
  8. Cycling in Rottnest Island, Perth. No one can teach you how to cycle, not even YouTube. You have to get on it and fall. Guess what, I fall off in front of a bus. The bus didn’t hit me, I was trying to avoid a rider who suddenly break at the side. Silly me, the shuttle bus filled with crowd look at me in shocked. My knee is bleeding and I can’t feel the pain. Sitting at the roadside for 15 minutes just to recover from the shock. I still have my scar on my knee. Best souvinier ever.
  9. I never know that after 12am, all the taxi/cab need to be hired before hand in Singapore. Forced to walked 6km back home after Zoukout in Siloso Beach, Singapore. Reaching the room at 7am. Guess what, we overslept passing the 12pm check out time. The cleaner knocking on the door 12:30pm. Me and my friend open our eyes and look at each other. First reaction: SHIT! Acting calm, telling them we just need 15 minutes and we will be ready to checkout. We did.
  10. Miscalculated the driving arrival time from Los Angeles to San Diego, California USA. Got pulled over by a troop of armies. Luckily we are fine. Wandered around in the downtown and found out our hostel is closed. The street is filled with homeless people and drug trafficking can be seen at the backyard. Perplexed even the car is locked. Imaging someone with gun approaching us out of no where. Settle down in Pineapple Hotel in 4am, fake a pre booking and go in and sleep with nightmare.

“I hope that matters to someone, someday.”

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