How I started Solo Traveling

People use to ask me how I started solo traveling. It started after one of my break up. The place we used to talk about became a journey that I choose to complete by myself. Not that I have to but I choose to. I can’t find a reason not to go.

Usually people will tell me a lot about the safety and crime rate is increasing. After this pandemic, travel will be different than it used to be. I would say, no where is safe. I rather risk a little to go out there. Don’t believe everything you read in the news or social media. Do your homework and study about that country before you go. There are rather too much resources available in Google.

The age, responsible, expectation cycle always comes around. I believe if you want to travel enough, you will do something about it, you will find a way about.

Yes, I do travel a lot. People see me as rich ass which I am not. I have to work my ass off too like you do. It is how you choose to travel budget, you don’t have to earn a fortune to start travel. Traveling can be rather affordable if you plan it well. I choose nearby country. I choose hostel with free breakfast over hotel. I choose self tour rather than tour guide. I choose nature adventure over shopping. Hiking and trekking is all free with rewarding view. It is all about choice. No judgement over what you choose, everyone have their own way of spending or investing their money.

Shits happen sometimes, if you never went through it you will never have something to look back and laugh at. It might scare you for some incidents. You can choose to move on, ask yourself if you are going to do it again? If yes, how are you going to travel differently. No harm to be a little ambitious right now, do your homework, tie your shoelace and be ready to go after this.

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