What I Did At Home During Pandemic

Be grateful for MCO/CMCO/EMCO (whatever it is called in your country other than lockdown). Focus on what you can do, rather than what you can’t. I know this is not easy for everyone. We all have our own 99 problems to solve. Here’s what I do for the past 50 days.

1. Record
Travel is the in thing for most of the adventure seeker. Admit that we won’t be able to travel in the recent month. In fact, some of us had cancelled quality jobs and mega events, getting some refund from race we can’t join, changed travel date to god-knows-when-we-are-going-to-travel again. Document your experience. Finally spend a quality time with myself to arrange and come out with my past India, China and Sri Lanka quick tips.

2. Hygge
I got inspired by the Malaysian dude self-makeovers his bedroom to showroom standards during MCO (refer to the link below). After traveling to 23 countries and staying in numbers of hostel and Airbnb most of the timrner oe. I decided to makeover some cof my room as well. Indoor sunbath while doing nothing is the best kind of concept. The questions come by is no more why, rather WHY NOT? Home is not too bad stay in after all. https://says.com/…/photos-man-shares-how-he-turned-his-old-…

3. Learn
You made an effort from time to time to learn about yourself and make peace with MCO. Less time commute to work, means more time to be productive at work. Started to cook and try different recipes, I always thought MCO gonna make me order food delivery more often. In fact, it is another way round. Playing Mobile Legend Bang Bang once again since 2018. Rather than playing it blindly, started picking up the terms and strategies. There is time when I am feeling lazy too, read and binge watch ‘The Good Doctor 3 seasons’ sounds fun too.

4. Pace
A lot of people have been asking for recommendations on what to watch during the lockdown. I strongly recommend you watch your weight. -amit.karania
Most of my weekend filled with events to host as Emcee Karen 主持人彤彤, countries to fly and mountains to climb. One thing for sure, I do not miss —rushing. We are going to hang on with working from home #wfh #stayhome for quite some time. I do appreciate the extra time lying on bed, skipped makeup, wearing extra comfort sport wear to work and most importantly eat my meal properly.

5. Reach Out
Checking out your friends and love one. Let them know how much you appreciate them for their texts/calls/facetime and asking how you are doing during this lockdown. I am lucky to have housemate who I can share the fun moments such as cooking Gohmeh Sabzi until 3am (as if we are getting ready for sahur), and most important to experiment with most of the time. We all know that the one thing that we are looking forward to is to visit the salon, and fixing the endgame look. I studied on YouTube and did a favor in chopping off her long hair first week of MCO. I always wanted a Taylor Swift blond-hair; it didn’t turn out too well on my Asian dark brown hair. I am still confident with my #roadtotaylorswift project. Most importantly you enjoy the process.

Feel free to share your thoughts. I know Malaysian being Malaysian. We complaint a lot, yet we have the appetite to become better person and not afraid to love.

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